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Panimalar Engineering College is a research focused Technical Institution started in the year 2000 have unique features in terms of their outreach towards ambitious science and technology missions of national importance. The College has taken concerted efforts towards differentiating itself by encouraging Innovation and Research. The initiatives taken by the management brings together researchers from various departments and centres showcasing their standards of excellence in cross-disciplinary engineering fields and collaboration to enhance industry interaction and to foster industry relevant research for the benefit of the society. The department of Computer science and engineering has recognized research centre from 06 May 2019 onwards.

Intelligent systems and Computer Networking (Icon) Research Center

ICON research centre is the mission and Vision of Panimalar Engineering College to realize the dreams of becoming a Centre of Excellence in the field of academic research which will make fruitful contributions to progress of our nation. The research Lab will be utilized to solve various problems in the upcoming fields and make a significant improvements through various research topics undertaken by our students.

ICON focuses its research on various emerging fields like Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Image Processing, Networking, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics and Internet of Things. ICON also collaborates with experts from various prudent Universities and IT industries to impart knowledge to our research scholars which will be fruitful for their research as well as beneficial to the society.

Icon Research Laboratory

Broad Areas of Research

  • Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction
  • Computer Networking
  • Systems Engineering
  • Theoretical Computer Science

Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction
  • Machine Learning :
    Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Kernel Methods, Reinforcement Learning, Robotics.
  • Artificial Intelligence :
    Knowledge Representation, Memory Based Reasoning, Memory Models, Natural Language Processing, Planning.
  • Speech Processing :
    Music Information Retrieval, Music Processing, Speech Synthesis and Recognition.
  • Pattern Recognition :
    Content based Information Retrieval, Handwritten Character Recognition, Kernel Methods.
  • Image Processing :
    Computer Graphics, Digital Video Processing, Human Detection and Tracking, Image Reconstruction, Multi-camera Vision Systems, Soft Computing, Visualization and Perception.
  • Information Management :
    Associative Rule Mining, Data Warehousing, Database Management Systems, Indexing Semi-structured Data, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Text Summarization Systems.
  • Data Mining :
    Graph Mining, Sequence Mining, Social Network Analysis, Text Mining.
Computer Networking
  • Computer Networks :
    Adhoc Wireless Networks, Network Traffic Analysis and Modeling, Optical Networks, Performance Evaluation, Wireless Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Multimedia Tools.
  • High Performance Computing & Parallelization :
    Cluster Computing, Concurrent Programming & Data Structures, Cyber Physical Systems, Hardware Parallelization, Implementations on GPUs, Language Extensions, Numerical Methods and Approximate Computing, Runtime.
  • Computer Network Security :
    Hardware Security, Network System Security, Operating System Security, Cryptography.
Systems Engineering
  • Computer Architecture :
    Cache Design in Multicore, Memory System Design, Network architectures.
  • Compiler Design :
    Auto Parallelization & High Performance Compilers, Code Optimization, Fault Localization, Parallelization, Program Analysis.
  • Distributed Systems :
    Anonymous Remote Computation and Communication, Cloud Computing, Concurrency Control, Distributed Operating Systems, Load Balancing.
  • Object Oriented Systems :
    Object Oriented Programming.
Theoretical Computer Science
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms :
    Approximation Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Distributed Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Smooth Analysis of Algorithms, Structural Graph Theory.
  • Computational Complexity Theory :
    Algebra and Computation, Algebraic Complexity Theory, Boolean Function Analysis, Circuit Complexity Theory, Communication Complexity.

List Of Supervisors

S.No Supervisor Name SupervisorID Faculty University
1. Dr.S.Murugavalli 2940054 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering Anna University
11054 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology
2. Dr.S.Malathi 11084 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology
3. Dr.K.Valarmathi 2940106 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering Anna University
4. Dr.V.D.Ambeth Kumar 2440006 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering Anna University
SP14CSS002 Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering St.Peter’s University
5. Dr.L.Jaba Sheela COS-GU0941 Computer Science Bharathiar University
6. DR .M.Helda Mercy Computing Science Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology

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