About the Department

Department of Business Administration offers a two year post graduate degree course in Business Administration. It was started in the year 2001, becoming a symbol for thousands of aspirants of this region. Today it is proudly giving education to its 14th batch. A hall-mark of the department is the excellent faculty-student relationship that fosters an atmosphere of regular feedback and growth. It is a place where faculty and students can be seen working together on a variety of tasks.

The Department offers two year MBA (Full time) in 4 semester curriculum under affiliation to Anna University Chennai in order to promote excellence in management. The department offers dual specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations and Systems Management. Students are required to undertake summer project for a period of four weeks after the completion of the second semester examinations. The department is ranked best among those of the southern region as per the quality of education imparted by the distinguished faculty with interdisciplinary background from premier institutes. The department holds the institutional membership of professional bodies like MMA, Ad-Club and AIMA.

Vision and Mission


The department vision is to provide a unique and distinguished academic unit which:

  • Managerial empowerment through holistic approach with crosses functional capabilities to meet the challenges ahead.
  • Provision of customized training modules ,innovative pedagogy, dedicated mentoring, continuous industry-institute interaction and thereby ultimately rendering qualitative placements.
  • Development of future managers by fostering them to have more focus on their core competences with professional relevance through academic excellence.


  • To Impart Value Based Education and Training with International Standards
  • To equip the managerial aspirants with the dynamic business trends to face the challenging tomorrows in the corporate sector.
  • To play a key role in empowering the budding managers as full-fledged professionals with Creativity, Innovation, Self-confidence, Courage and Ethical Standards To ignite and stimulate the young minds with practical sessions in order to bring out the hidden potential to limelight.
  • To enhance the skill set of future managers in Decision Making, Action Planning and Logical & Rational Reasoning thereby making them an embodiment of contributions towards our Nation s Economic Growth.

Dean Profile


DEAN / MBA Department

  • Dean, Panimalar Engineering College
  • 20 Years in the realm of Teaching & Training
  • 8.11 Years full time Legal Practice in various courts.
  • Currently guiding 6 research scholars in various universities
  • Legal consultant for corporate houses
  • Authored a book in Retail Management.(Rudra Publication)
  • Authored a book in Operations Management (Charulatha Publication)
  • Published thesis as a book on “Employee empowerment in Automation Industry

Faculty List

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.V.Mahalakshmi Dean & Professor
2 Dr. N.Venkateswaran Professor
3 Dr. P.Raman Professor
4 Dr. D.Chitra Professor
5 Dr. M. Beulah Viji Christiana Professor
6 Dr. K.Suresh Kumar Associate Professor
7 Dr. N.Rakesh Associate Professor
8 Mrs. C. Padma Prabha Associate Professor
9 Mrs. H. MickleAancy Associate Professor
10 Dr. S. Satheesh Kumar Assistant Professor
11 Dr. I.Yabesh Abraham Durairaj Assistant Professor
12 Mrs. B. Lakshmi Assistant Professor
13 Mr. V. G. Murugan Assistant Professor
14 Mr. N. Arunkumar Assistant Professor
15 Mrs. R.Yamini Devi Assistant Professor
16 Mr. A.Aravinthraj Assistant Professor
17 Mrs. E. Ramya Jayalakshmi Assistant Professor
18 Mrs. R. Kruthika Assistant Professor
19 Mrs. S. Vinodhini Assistant Professor
20 Mr. S.Rajadurai Assistant Professor
21 Mr. Rohan Varghis Kurian Assistant Professor
22 Ms.Keerthika.M Asst. Professor
23 Mr.Aravindhan.S Asst. Professor
24 Mr.Vigneshwaran.S Asst. Professor

National/International Journals by Faculties

Faculty List

Faculty list : 2020-2021

1 Dr.V.Mahalakshmi Dean & Professor M.L, M.B.A., MPhil., Ph.D
2 Dr. N.Venkateswaran Professor M.B.A., MPhil., Ph.D
3 Dr. P.Raman Professor M.COM., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D
4 Dr. D.Chitra Professor M.B. A., MPhil., Ph.D
5 Dr. M. Beulah Viji Christiana Professor MA., M.B.A., MPhil., Ph.D
6 Dr. K.Suresh Kumar Associate Professor M.B.A.,Ph.D
7 Dr. N.Rakesh Associate Professor Associate Professor
8 Mrs. C. Padma Prabha Associate Professor M.B.A .,Ph.D
9 Mrs. H. MickleAancy Associate Professor M.B.A.,MPhil
10 Dr. S. Satheesh Kumar Asst. Professor M.B.A.,Ph.D
11 Dr. I.Yabesh Abraham Durairaj Asst. Professor M.B.A., Ph.D
12 Mrs. B. Lakshmi Asst. Professor M.B.A (Ph.D)
13 Mr. V. G. Murugan Asst. Professor M.B.A (Ph.D)
14 Mr. N. Arunkumar Asst. Professor M.B.A  (Ph.D)
15 Ms. R.Yamini Asst. Professor M.B.A., M.Phil.
16 Mr. A.Aravinthraj Asst. Professor M.B.A
17 Mrs. E. Ramya Jayalakshmi Associate Professor M.B.A., M.Phil.,
18 Mrs. R. Kruthika Asst. Professor M.B.A
19 Mrs. S. Vinodhini Asst. Professor M.B.A
20 Mr. S.Rajadurai Asst. Professor M.B.A
21 Mr. Rohan Varghis Kurian Asst. Professor M.B.A
22 Ms.Keerthika.M Asst. Professor M.B.A
23 Mr.Aravindhan.S Asst. Professor M.B.A
24 Mr.Vignwshwaran.S Asst. Professor M.B.A

Faculty list : 2019-2020

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. V. Mahalakshmi Professor and Dean
2 Dr. N.Venkateswaran Professor
3 Dr. P.Raman Professor
4 Dr. D.Chitra Professor
5 Dr. M. Beulah Viji Christiana Professor
6 Dr. K.Suresh Kumar Associate Professor
7 Dr. N.Rakesh Associate Professor
8 Mrs. C. Padma Prabha Associate Professor
9 Mrs. H. Mickle Aancy Associate Professor
10 Mrs. P. Vasumathi Associate Professor
11 Dr. S. Satheesh Kumar Associate Professor
12 Mr. I.Yabesh Abraham Durairaj Associate Professor
13 Mrs. B. Lakshmi Associate Professor
14 Dr. K.J.Vinodini Associate Professor
15 Mr. V. G. Murugan Associate Professor
16 Mr. N. Arunkumar Associate Professor
17 Mr. A.Aravinthraj Associate Professor
18 Ms.Yamini Devi.R Associate Professor

Faculty Profile

National/International Journals by Faculties

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO)

  • Contribute to advancement of human intelligence and to the promulgation and development of knowledge and understanding in the business domain.
  • Prepare professionals in finance, operations, human resource management, marketing MIS, through the utilization of innovative educational processes, in a modern, global and technological business environment.
  • Link academic programs and specializations with actual requirements of the surrounding work environment. This will be achieved by maintaining effective participation and cooperation between the university and local business firms.
  • Transform the graduate to play a pioneering and leading role in the community, enabling him or her to take responsibilities and contribute to solving problems through innovative thinking, collective work, reflection, and self-development.
  • To provide facilities for holistic development of the students with the view to equip them to become business executives and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Programme Outcomes (PO)

  • Dual specialization concepts.
  • Electives in cross-functional areas of student choice. The students can opt for any subject offered by Anna University to supplement their study.
  • A large core faculty team supported by visiting faculty from industry using the best teaching methods.
  • Enriching association with MMA enabled our students to gain insights into the emerging management’s concepts and practices.

Guest Lectures

This makes our students academically brilliant, by making them true leaders and team players, thus preparing them for the real life corporate world. This is done by inviting eminent personalities from industries and authorities in various fields and from the academia to share their knowledge and experience from their area of specialization.
The lectures aim to provide an insight into the success stories of industry stalwarts and entrepreneurs. Students get the opportunity to know about real world experiences of their role models, knowledge about Industry needs, latest technical updates and avenues for higher studies and also learn communication skills and presentation skills from these experts. Many experts from different fields have visited our department and delivered inspiring lectures to our students.

Following are the list of Guest Lectures organized by the department.

  • Finmark Trainers
  • Co- Founder of Naturals
  • Industrial Economist Talk Show
  • Capital Market Delivery Excellence Group
  • Industry Human Resource Expectation From New Entrants
  • Techniques to Ignite Your Potential
  • Fundamentals of Capital Market
  • C K Kumaravel, CEO & Co- Founder of Naturals
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Company : Finmark Trainers
Date : 24-10-2017
Participants :I year MBA
Title : Fundamentals of Capital Market

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Name : C K Kumaravel, CEO & Co- Founder of Naturals Ltd
Date : 19-9-2017
Participants : Both I & II MBA Students

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Name : S.Arun Kumar Davay, FOUNDER OF MIND MATTERS
Date : 18-8-2017
Participant s: II year MBA


Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

</>Name : S. Prabhakaran, Lead Black Belt,
Capital Market Delivery Excellence Group
Date : 24-10-2017
Participants : II year MBA

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Name : Ms. Sumithra Chandrasekar,
HR – Director/Milton Roy India Private Ltd
Date : 3-6-2015

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Name : Prof. Vipinendran Kannan, Anna University/Ch.
Date : 5-4-2017
Title : Techniques to Ignite Your Potential.

Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture

Name : Shri.M.Shekar,
Date: 29-7-2019
Participants : II year MBA
Title : Personal Finance and Union budget 2019

Best Teachers Award

Teachers who inspire you to learn and do your best by doing some or all

Professional Society

Professional body responsible for education and training, and setting and raising their standards.Thay have some of the Professional Body are listout below.

Newsletter and Magazines

The department also publishing an in-house magazine and a newsletter annually and bi-annually through this faculties and students contribute their research articles. The details are given below.

Magazine Name No. of Volumes (As on June 2019) Monthly / Bi-annually
EPHYROM 16 issues Yearly
PEC – MBA 18 Bi-Annually

Department Survey Forms

Student Exit
Student Exit
End of the Course
End of the Course
Alumni Members
Alumni Members

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