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Keeping pace with the advancements in technology and the need for automated library management system a digital library has been established.Computer-based library service was introduced as early as 2001. The digital library consists of 46 computer terminals with online access facilities through this system E-journals that are published around the globe can be browsed. The digital library is well stocked with various CDs that have audio visual presentation on technical concepts.

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The Digtial library subscribes AICTE Recommended 4 E-journals Packages & 1 E-Book package (803) and 7900 Free E-Books List is shown in below. These covers more than 6,927 E-journals, transactions, magazines, conference proceedings and Standards. More than 12,000 new pages are added per month. It provides access to more than million full-page PDF images, including all original charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs and illustrative material.

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Free internet access 200 Mbps connection Leased Line 24 hours a day 7 days a week to our students


We are Maintain Separate Server for Digital Library Acces which has Question Papers,E-Magazines,E-Journals,NPTEL Programme & Webserver (It has rich collection of International editions of reference E-books, Hand books, encyclopedias and various reference documents)

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