Academic and Non academic Committee

To increase our efficiency in our work and make functioning cordial and smooth so as to achieve our goal to “Develop Entrepreneurs / Industry Leaders with integrity.”

Panimalar Committee

Various committees are formed in this College for the smooth and efficient management of activities. It offers ample opportunities for the faculty to nurture develop their academic, administrative and extracurricular activities. These committees are constituted by the Principal in consultation with HODs for one academic year or until new committees are constituted.

Composition of Governing Body

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. P. Chinnadurai M.A., Ph.D. Secretary & Correspondent
2 Mrs. C. Vijaya Rajeswari Member
3 Mr. C. Sakthi Kumar M.E. Member
4 Mrs. Saranyasree Sakthikumar, B.E. Member
5 Dr. M. Sundaresan, SRO
AICTE Member
6 Dr. T. Alwarsamy
DOTE—Liaison Officer
7 Dr. K. Shanmugasundaram
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Anna University, Chennai – 600 025.
8 Mr. V. K. Muralikumar
General Manager, Holy Satellite Town Ltd.,
1/91, Thalambur Main Road, 603 103.
9 Dr. V. Mahalakshmi
(Prof.& Dean/MBA Dept.,/PEC).
10 Mrs. Kavitha Subramani
(Asso.Prof./CSE Dept., PEC)
11 Dr. K. Mani M.E., Ph.D., Principal/ PEC Member Secretary

Grievance Redressal Committee

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr.V.Mahalakshimi Professor & Dean/M.B.A Dept Chairman
2 S.Malathi Professor / Dean/PG – M.E Dept Member
3 Dr. B.Anni Princy Professor / I.T Dept. Member
4 Dr.M.Puviyarasan Professor / NSS
Programme officer / MECH Dept
5 Dr.A.Ajantha Associate professor / ENG. Dept Member
6 Dr.T.Govindarajulu Retd Professor /, Dept Mathematics,MIT,Anna University Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To receive grievances and appeals, to evaluate the genuineness and suggest remedial measures.
  • The grievances may be related to Teaching and Learning Process, Continuous Assessment, Examination, Evaluation and service related matters.
  • Students can also appeal for decision towards
    any committee through this Grievance Redressal Committee

Discipline and Welfare Committee

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr R. Manmohan Professor & Dean – S&H Chairman
2 Dr.T.M.Usha Mary Professor / S&H Member
3 Dr.G.Siva Kumar Professor / S&H Member
4 Mr.G.Senthil Kumar Associate Professor / CSE Member
5 Mr.T.Mayavan Asst.Prof (G- I)/ MECH Member
6 Dr.R.Manikandan Professor / EIE Member
7 Mrs. A.Kalaimani Asst.Prof / EEE Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To maintain general discipline among students.
  • To deal with issues of indiscipline and decide on necessary action.
  • To preserve / protect the welfare of staff and students and the institution.
  • To deliberate upon issues concerning welfare of the college and come out with solutions for them.

Training & Placement Committee

S.No Name Position Category
1 Mr.N.Viswanathan Placement officer Convener
2 Mr. K.Sridharan Associate professor / I.T Member
3 Mr.S.Leones Sherwin Vimal Raj Associate professor / ECE Member
4 Mrs.Kavitha Subramani Associate Professor / CSE Member
5 Mr. K.Karthick Asst. Prof(G-1) / EEE Member
6 Dr.R.Manikandan Professor / EIE Member
7 Mr..T. Mayavan Asst. Prof(G-1) / MECH Member
8 Mrs. A. Latha Associate professor / CIVIL Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To provide training to students for making them employable.
  • To decide on methodology, internal and external trainers for placement training
  • To establish rapport with employers and organize on and off campus recruitment.
  • To monitor all kinds of placement and skill development.

National Service Scheme (Nss)

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. M. Puviyarasan Asso. Prof(G-1) / MECH Convener
2 Mr. M. Rajmal Joshi Associate professor / EEE Member
3 Mr. P. Santhosh Asst. Prof / EEE Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To make students understand themselves, their role of social service and identify the needs and problems of the society
  • Working for solutions to the problems of the society.
  • Making students acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes.
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • To practice national integration and social harmony

Youth Red Cross (YRC)

S.No Name Position Category
1 Mr. .S.Kavaskar Associate professor / EEE Convener
2 Mr. A.Alvin Kalicharan Asst. Prof / S&H Member
3 Mr. N. Chidambaram Asst. Prof(G-1) / ECE Member
4 Mr. P. Kalaimani Asst. Prof / EEE Member
5 Mr. K.Karthick Asst. Prof(G-1) / EEE Member
6 Dr.R.Manikandan Professor / EIE Member
7 Mr..T. Mayavan Asst. Prof(G-1) / MECH Member
8 Mrs. A. Latha Associate professor / CIVIL Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To promote health of the community and to create awareness of health issues
  • To serve the society through blood donation, medical, road safety and first aid camps

Human Resource Development (HRD)

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. K. Mani Principal Chairman
2 Dr. P. Kannan HOD / ECE Member
3 Dr. S. Murugavalli HOD / CSE Member
4 Dr. S. Sendilkumar HOD / EEE Member
5 Dr. L.Karthikeyan HOD / IT Member
6 Dr. M.Helda Mercy HOD / IT Member
7 Dr. C. Esakkiappian HOD/EIE Member
8 Dr. M.Mageswari HOD/CIVIL Member
9 Dr. V. Mahalakshmi DEAN/ MBA Member
10 Dr.L.Jebasheela HOD / CSE(Girls) Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To develop human resources through focused programmes
  • Imparting skills needed for an individual to become a significant contributor to the development of an institution

Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP)

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. V. Mahalakshmi DEAN/ MBA Chairman
2 Dr .N.Pughendhi Professor / CSE Member
3 Mr.P.Venkatachalam Asst. Prof./MBA Member
4 Dr. S. Sendilkumar HOD / EEE Member
5 Dr. M.Helda Mercy HOD / IT Member
6 Dr .D. Silas Stephen Asso.Professor / EEE Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To generate ‘job providers’ rather than ‘job seekers’ among the Students.
  • Organizing events with successful entrepreneurs as guest, to inspire students to become entrepreneurs.
  • Creating awareness among students, the process of starting an enterprise / business / industry.

Higher Education Cell

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. C. Esakkiappan HOD/EIE Chairman
2 Dr.M.Mageswari HOD/CIVIL Member
3 S.Sendil Kumar Professor / EEE Member
4 Dr.K.Valarmathi Professor / CSE Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To create awareness among students about higher education options specific to their programmes and needs.
  • Providing training to take entrance examinations for admission into post-graduation and other higher education programmes.

Antiragging Committee

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr.K.Mani Principal Chairman
2 Mr.K.Senguttavan Inspector of Police, Nazarethpettai, chennai Member
3 Mr.R.Sundar Revenue Inspector,Poonamallee, Taluk Thiruvallur, District,Chennai
4 Rev.Fr.P.J.Lawrence Trustee,Punngai Madha Trust, Chengalpattu Member
5 Mr.V.Krishna Dass Representative of parents Member
6 Ms.D.Dhivya Representative of Students Member
7 Mr.R.Arun Prasad Representative of Students Member
8 Mr.P.K.Ramesh Representative Non-Teaching Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To conduct friendly session involving both fresher’s and seniors so as to create smooth relationship among students.
  • To create awareness among the fresher’s.
  • To explain the senior students regarding the adverse effects of ragging and punishments involved.
  • To display anti ragging notices in various location of the campus.
  • To conduct surprise raids in hostel and other places

Women Welfare Committe

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr.M.Magesswari HOD/CIVIL Chairman
2 Mrs.S.Selvi Professor / EEE Member
3 R.Aishwarya IIIYear CSE Member
4 J.Koushalya III Year ECE Member
5 R.Tamilselvi III Year IT Member
6 S.Abinaya III Year CIVIL Member
7 S.P.Vaishali III Year EEE Member
8 R.Sindhuja III Year EIE Member
9 R.Abirami II Year MBA Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To protect women from sexual harassments and provide fundamental rights to women at workplace.
  • Take proactive measures towards the dignity of women in college campus. Ensure that the victims and the eyewitness are discriminated or suffered from their complaint.
  • Ensure proper action will be taken against the culprit

Quality Improvement Cell

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. S.Malathi Professor/Dean/PG-M.E Chairman
2 Dr.S.CHEZHIAN BABU Professor / MECH Member
3 Dr. Silas Stephen Asso. Professor/ EEE Member
4 Mr. R. Jayarajan Assistant Professor/ ECE Member
5 Ms. Mary Jayasheela Assistant Professor Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To improve the teaching skills of the faculty & Self Learning among the Students.
  • To make the student understand the concepts by using e-sources like NPTEL,MOOC etc.,

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