Grievance Redressal Committee

Discipline and Welfare Committee

Training & Placement Committee



Higher Education Cell

Antiragging & Women Welfare

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Committee (IC)

Grievance Redressal Committee

S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. K. Mani  Principal  Chairman
2 Dr. N. Venkateswaran  Dean / M.B.A.  Vice -Chairman
3 Dr. S.K. Patnaik                Professor (EEE Dept.),   Anna University, Chennai - 600 025.
4 Dr. A. Senthil Kumar Liason Officer  DOTE, Chennai
5 Dr. S. Malathi  Professor & HOD / AI &DS  Member
6 Dr. B. Annie Princy  Professor & HOD / AI & ML  Member
7 Dr. M. Puviyarasan  Professor / MECH & NSS Programme       Officer  Member
8 Dr. J. Jayanthy  Professor / Chemistry  Member
9 Dr.Manohararan Retd. Vice – Chancellor
Sathyabama Deemed University
 Ombudsman Member
10 Mrs. H Latha  Parent  Member
11 Mr. V. Vasanth  Student  Member
12 Mr. R. Ramachandran  Non- Teaching Staff – Lab Instructor  Member
13 Mr. Saran Sagaya Raj  J  Alumni  Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Grievance Re-dressal Committee:

  • To receive grievances and appeals, to evaluate the genuineness and suggest remedial measures.
  • The grievances may be related to Teaching and Learning Process, Continuous Assessment, Examination, Evaluation and service-related matters.
  • Students can also appeal for decision towards any committee through this Grievance Redressal Committee.
  • The Grievance Redressal committee of the Institution shall monitor status and progress of Grievance Redressal and shall furnish report on Grievance Redressal position to the Principal.
  • The committee ensures effective solution to the faculty / students’ grievances with an impartial and fair approach.
  • It also encourages the students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.

Discipline and Welfare Committee

S.No Name Designation Category
1 Dr. K. Mani Principal Chairman
2 Dr.Selvi S Head of Department / EEE Member
3 Dr.Jebasheela L Head of Department / CSE Member
4 Dr.Karthikeyan. L Head of Department / MECH Member
5 Dr.Esakkiappan C Student Counsellor (Staff) Member
6 Dr.AmeeliaRoseline A Lady Faculty Member Member
7 Mrs.Sathya K R Warden  / Deputy Warden of Girls Hostel Member
8 Mr.Kamalasan A Warden / Deputy Warden of Boys Hostel Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Discipline and Welfare Committee:

  • To maintain general discipline among students.
  • To deal with issues of indiscipline and decide on necessary action.
  • To preserve / protect the welfare of staff and students and the institution.
  • To deliberate upon issues concerning welfare of the college and come out with solutions for them.

Training & Placement Committee

S.No Name Designation Category
1 Prof. N. Viswanathan Head – Training & Placement Officer Convener
2 Dr. I. Paul Theophilus Rajakumar Professor & Dean, Industry Collaboration Member
3 Mr. M.S. BalaMurugan Chief  Talent Officer Member
4 Mr. A. Amulraj Placement & Training Coordinator Member
5 Mr. A. Karthikeyan CSE – Department Coordinator Member
6 Mrs. P. Vijayalakshmi CSE – Department Coordinator Member
7 Mrs. S. Uma IT – Department Coordinator Member
8 Mr. K. Sivakumar ECE – Department Coordinator Member
9 Mr. G. Ponkumar EEE – Department Coordinator Member
10 Dr. T. Mayavan MECH – Department Coordinator Member
11 Mr. S. Manikandan CIVIL – Department Coordinator Member
12 Mrs. J. Brindha CCE – Department Coordinator Member
13 Dr. J. Seetha CSBS – Department Coordinator Member
14 Dr. S. Chakaravarthi AI&DS – Department Coordinator Member
15 Dr. D. Chitra MBA – Department Coordinator Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Training & Placement Committee:

  • To provide training to students for making them employable.
  • To decide on methodology, internal and external trainers for placement training
  • To establish rapport with employers and organize on and off campus recruitment.
  • To monitor all kinds of placement and skill development.

National Service Scheme (Nss)

S.No Name of the Coordinator Designation Position


Professor / MECH




Associate Professor / ECE



S.No Name of the Coordinator Designation Position

Mr.A.Alvin Kalicharan

Assistant Professor / S&H




Associate Professor / EEE


Functions & Responsibilities

  • To make students understand themselves, their role of social service and identify the needs and problems of the society
  • Working for solutions to the problems of the society.
  • Making students acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes.
  • To develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.
  • To practice national integration and social harmony

Human Resource Development (HRD) Committee

S.No Name of the Committee Member Designation Position
1 Dr. K. Mani Principal Chairman
2 Dr. S. Rajakumar Prof & HOD / ECE Member
3 Dr. L. Jabasheela Prof & HOD / CSE Member
4 Dr. S. Selvi Prof & HOD / EEE Member
5 Dr. L. Karthikeyan Prof & HOD / MECH Member
6 Dr. M. Helda Mercy Prof & HOD / IT Member
7 Dr. C. Esakkiappan Prof & HOD / EIE Member
8 Dr. M. Mageswari Prof & HOD / CIVIL Member
9 Dr. S. Malathy Prof & HOD / AI&DS Member
10 Dr. B. Annie Princy Prof & HOD / CCE Member
11 Dr. D. Anuradha Prof & HOD / CSBS Member
12 Dr. N. Venkateswaran Dean / MBA Member
13 Dr. R. Manmohan Dean / H&S Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Human Resource Development (HRD):

  • To develop human resources through focused programmes
  • Imparting skills needed for an individual to become a significant contributor to the development of an institution

Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC)

S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. N. Venkateswaran Dean / MBA Chairman
2 Dr. N. Pugazhendhi Professor / CSE Member
3 Dr. S. Satheesh Kumar Assistant Professor / MBA Member
4 Mr. S. Manikandan Assistant Professor / CIVIL Member
5 Dr. M. Helda Mercy HOD / IT Member
6 Dr. D. Silas Stephen Professor / EEE Member

Functions & Responsibilities

  • To generate ‘job providers’ rather than ‘job seekers’ among the Students.
  • Organizing events with successful entrepreneurs as guest, to inspire students to become entrepreneurs.
  • Creating awareness among students, the process of starting an enterprise / business / industry.

Higher Education Cell

S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Mr. Amos Gamaleal David Professor / MECH Chairman
2 Dr. I. Paul Theophilus Rajakumar Prof/Mechanical Advisor
3 Mr. M. S. Balamurugan Chief Talent Officer Advisor
4 Dr. S.Chakaravarthi Prof/AI&DS Member
5 Dr. T. Mayavan Prof/Mechanical Member
6 Dr. J. Seetha Asso Prof/CSBS Member
7 Dr. M. Krishnamoorthy Asst Prof/CSE Member
8 Mr. K. Sivakumar Asst Prof/CSE Member
9 Mrs. P. Prema Asst Prof/ECE Member
10 Mr. L. Jones Nirmal Asst Prof/IT Member
11 Mrs. J. Brindha Asst Prof/EEE Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Higher Education Cell:

  • To create awareness among students about higher education options specific to their programmes and needs.
  • Providing training to take entrance examinations for admission into post-graduation and other higher education programmes.

Antiragging Committee

S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr. K. Mani Principal Chairman
2 Mr. S. Gunasekaran Inspector of Police, Nazarethpettai, Chennai. Member
3 Mr. D. Nachimuthu Revenue Inspector, PoonamalleeTaluk, Thiruvallur District, Chennai. Member
4 Rev. Fr. P. J. Lawrence Raj Official of NGO, PunngaiMadha Trust, Chengalpattu. Member
5 Mr. S. Agrijan Representative of Parents. Member
6 Ms. N. Rachana Representative of Students (Girls) Member
7 Mr. G. Vijayasarathy Representative of Students (Boys) Member
8 Mr. C. Elangovan Representative Non-Teaching Member

Functions and Responsibilities of Anti-Ragging Committee:

  • To ensure compliance with the provisions of the anti-ragging regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging.
  • To monitor and oversee the performance of the Anti-Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the Institution.
  • To conduct friendly session involving both fresher’s and seniors so as to create smooth relationship among students.
  • To create awareness among the fresher’s.
  • To explain the senior students regarding the adverse effects of ragging and punishments involved.
  • To display anti ragging notices in various location of the campus.
  • To conduct surprise raids in hostel and other places.

Women Welfare Committee

S.No Name Position Category
1 Dr. M. Mageswari Prof & HOD / CIVIL Chairman
2 Dr. S. Selvi HOD / EEE Member
3 Ms. N. Rachana III Year CSE Member
4 Ms. K.V. Nikhitha II Year CSE Member
5 Ms. T. Aswathani I Year EEE Member
6 Ms. R. Anoo IV Year AI&DS Member
7 Ms. C. Silamboli I Year CSBS Member
8 Ms. J.R. Nikkitha I Year CSBS Member
9 Ms. J. Daisy Jenita I Year MBA Member

Functions and Responsibilities of the Women Welfare Committee:

  • Women’s Empowerment through Education.
  • Organizing the health awareness program.
  • Solving women related issues and complains.
  • Creating awareness about women’s welfare.
  • Handle case works and counselling.
  • Improving interpersonal skill.
  • Conducting Woman’s Day Program.
  • Take proactive measures towards the dignity of women in college campus. Ensure that the victims and the eyewitness are discriminated or suffered from their complaint.
  • Ensure proper action will be taken against the culprit.


S.No Name of the Member Designation Category
1 Dr.K.Mani Principal Chairman
2 Mr. M. Sundaresan AICTE SRO
3 Dr. R. Rajeswaran Manager Senior AO
4 Dr.Sanjib Kumar Patnaik Professor (Anna University) Quality Audit
5 Mr. Tony Caleb CEO, Infoziant Ltd Alumni
6 Mr. M. Ganesh Thirunavukkarasu Regional Head, TCS, Chennai Industrial
7 Dr. S. Malathi Prof. & HOD (AI&DS) Coordinator
8 Mr. M. S. Balamurugan Chief Talent Officer Management Member
9 Dr. M. Shanmuganathan Associate Professor (H&S) Faculty
10 Dr. N. Bala Sundra Ganapathy Associate Professor (IT) Faculty
11 Dr. A. Latha Associate Professor (CIVIL) Faculty
12 Dr. A. Anbarasu Professor (MECH) Faculty
13 Dr. B. Anni Princy Professor& HOD (AI&ML) Faculty
14 Dr. S. Maheshwari Professor (ECE) Faculty
15 Dr. D. Chitra Professor (MBA) Faculty
16 Dr. K. Jayashree Professor (AI&DS) Faculty

Functions and Responsibilities of Internal Quality assurance Cell (IQAC):

  • To improve the teaching skills of the faculty & Self Learning among the Students.
  • To make the student understand the concepts by using e-sources like NPTEL,MOOC etc.,


1. Dr. M. Mageswari Head & Professor (Civil) Chairperson
2. Dr. S. Selvi Head & Professor (EEE) Member
3. Ms. K. Kiruthika Assistant Professor (CSBS) Member
4. Mrs. B. Krishnakumari Associate Professor (CIVIL) Member
5. Mrs. R. Priya Assistant Professor (AI&DS) Member
6. Mr. N. Chidambaram Assistant Professor (ECE) Member
7. Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi Non-teaching Faculty Member
8. Mrs. K. Geetha Non-teaching Faculty (OFFICE) Member
9. Ms. N. Rachana CSE Student
10. Ms. K.V. Nikhitha CSE Student
11. Ms. J. Daisy Jenita MBA Student

Functions and Responsibilities of Internal Committee:

  • Provide assistance if an employee or a student chooses to file a complaint with the police.
  • Provide mechanism of dispute redressal and dialogue to anticipate and address issues through just and fair conciliation without undermining complainant’s rights and minimize the need for purely punitive approaches that lead to further resentment, alienation or violence.
  • Protect the safety of the complainant by not divulging the person’s identity and provide the mandatory relief by way of sanctioned leave or relaxation of attendance requirement or transfer to another department or supervisor as required during the pendency of the complaint or also provide for the transfer of the offender.
  • Ensure that victims or witnesses are not victimised or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment; and
  • Ensure prohibition of retaliation or adverse action against a covered individual because the employee or the student is engaged in protected activity.

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