Welcome to Master of Engineering (Communication Systems)

The post graduation programme aims at developing a breed of product designers with a strong knowledge of various phases of a product development process by inculcating the employability skills. Most importantly, this programme imbibes in the students, the various skills and knowledge required to usher in innovation in the Electronics and Communication industries. The programme prepares the graduates as lucrative global careers.

To emerge as a centre of excellence in providing quality education and produce technically competent electronics and communication engineers to meet the needs of industry and society.

M1: To provide best facilities, infrastructure and environment to its students, researchers & faculty members to meet the challenges of electronics and communication engineering field.
M2: To provide quality education through effective teaching - learning process for their future career, viz placements and higher education.
M3: To expose strong insight in the core domains with Industry Interaction.
M4: Prepare graduates adaptable to the changing requirements of the society through lifelong learning.

1. Post graduates provided with acquired knowledge from basic engineering science and mathematics. 2. Masters engineering students are nourished with extended scientific and engineering concepts so as to comprehend, analyze, synthesis solutions for pragmatic situations. 3. World class research and development is initiated for the students to motivate engineering studies and innovations not only in their own domain but also in multidisciplinary domain, as user end product. 4. Students are inculcated to exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work & leadership qualities in their profession, intern training in core domain and adaptation to the current trends by engaging in lifelong learning. 5. Employability skills are instilled professionally in order to embrace the multicultural environment of today's business world.

The curriculum for ME (CS) covers the following:-
Engineering Applied Mathematics for Communication
Optical Fiber Communication and Networking
Communication fundamentals and Advanced Radiation Systems
Computer Networks and High speed Data communication
Modern Digital Communication Techniques
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Advanced Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Advanced Satellite based systems
Cellular Mobile Communication
High Performance Communication Networks
Microwave Integrated Circuits and RF System Design
Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility
Mini Project

Computer Networks
Antenna and RF design
Neural Networks
Wireless Applications
Cellular Technology
Microwave Communication
Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing
Optical Communication
Embedded systems
VLSI designs

Vector Network Analyzer (8 GHZ -Rohde & Schwarz)
Antenna positioned with controller and position indicator with Hylom tripod
Software Defined Radio -GNURADIO & ADS -EM CUBE
Spectrum Analyzer
RF Signal Generator
Transmission Line and Microstrip components
Computers with SCI lab / Mat lab / Labview
Computers with Golomosim / NS2 / Qualnet / Opnet

Computers with latest configuration with internet facility
High Frequency Simulation Software(ADS) - EM CUBE


Our College has a global reputation for developing revolutionary technology, where groundbreaking research addresses real-world problems. Our students contributions to these areas of the discipline are unmatched in their breadth, depth, and quality: )