With the rapid technological advancement around the globe, it is imperative for the engineers and scientists to learn and upgrade their knowledge, much after completing formal education in the college. Therefore, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its consistent group of faculty members, offers a sound program at PG level. The purpose is to provide scientific and engineering man power of the highest quality, to cater to the needs of industry, R&D organizations and educational institutions. It also offers a deep understanding of the area of specialization, an innovative ability to resolve new problems, and a capacity to learn constantly and relate with multidisciplinary groups.

Necessity to pursue post-graduate studies

In a tough world for the IT-enabled industries in India, the onus on the computer engineers will be to not only develop cost effective solutions to the impending problems but also provide quality services through core technology development. A post-graduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering is invariably essential if one aspires to set himself aside in a honeycomb mass of "computer professionals" and to play a stellar role in transforming the industry, be it through research, advanced development, teaching, or entrepreneurship.

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