Welcome to Humanities and Science Department

         The inception of Department of Humanities and Science perpetrates to embolden novel and research ideas among the students and members of faculty. The department serves as a fulcrum for the disciplines of English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.
The department has been accomplished with fantabulous infrastructure with avant-garde lab facilities to enrich the learning process among students. Conferences, and workshops are periodically organized to acculturate the technical adroit and thereby, to offer empirical comprehension on the prelation in the respective fields. Having intertwined the void in between the school and college, the department holds an indispensable role in organizing Bridge Course aiming at the integrated amelioration among students.

To inculcate the fundamental knowledge of science through quality education to impart discipline with ethical values.
M1: The department is dedicated to provide experimental knowledge on science to solve engineering problems.
M2: High moral values are inculcated on considering the society and environment.
M3: Empowering students to function as an individual and team.
M4: Enabling them to communicate effectively for industrial exposure.

PEO 1: To empower the students technically catering to the contemporary needs of the society, with a solid foundation of fundamentals of science and engineering.
PEO 2: To inculcate ethical, social responsibility and environmental consciousness in budding engineers who can fulfill the needs and demands of society in general and individual in particular.
PEO 3: To channelize the talent to formulate disciplined personality.
PEO 4: To enhance commitment, sustained learning and adaptability to a constantly changing environment.
PEO 5: To inculcate expertise with the ability to use it for contemporary problem solving process.

Department of ENGLISH

The Department has a regiment of highly accomplished and versatile members of faculty and non-teaching staff with state of art infrastructure for vitalizing the conducive learning environment among students. The department has been bestowed with two Language Labs with adequate software, as required by Anna University, to mould the students in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW ) skills. The labs have been fully an air-conditioned to ease the teaching and learning process.

At the first year level, the department offers two courses namely, Communicative English and Technical English, for B.E./B.Tech students and at third year, ‘Communications Skills Laboratory’, having postdated the latest syllabi of Anna University. Apart from offering these regular courses, the department has plethora of initiatives to promote the communication skills and integrated development of the students. Adding a feather to the cap, the department has launched a yearlong training in communication skills for the benefit of all Business English Certificate Exams (BEC). In order to enrich the learning dexterity of the students, the department takes strenuous endeavors to prepare them for the competitive exams such as, IELTS, TOFEL and GRE.

The Department ceaselessly chisel the students after the college hours to get prepared for placements, having focused on Group Discussion, Mock Interview, Aptitude and Verbal Ability.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics serves to provide a strong foundation in Mathematical applications and logics in engineering both at undergraduate and post graduate level.
The department works on diverse areas such as, Fluid Mechanics, Graph Theory, Algebraic Coding Theory, Image Processing, Fuzzy Stochastic Process, Fuzzy Graph Theory, Queuing Theory, Functional Analysis, Stochastic Process, Neural Networks, Sampling Theory & Wavelet Analysis, Algebra and Topology. Students are motivated to demonstrate their ability to solve problems in mathematics using appropriate technology, translating problems from one form to another, using various problem-solving strategies. The students can understand the connections between mathematics and the world around them. Moreover, the students are well trained to face aptitude and various competitive examinations.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics caters to the basic foundation course, Engineering Physics, a baseline for any engineering stream. To update and enhance the knowledge for serving the society and student community, the department is striving with great hardwork to implement different streams in the area of physics. The department fosters a friendly and stimulating learning environment in which students are motivated to reach high standards, to acquire real insight into physics and to become self-confident, committed and adaptable graduates. The department is equipped with 3 well-established laboratories to practice and to introduce new concepts and techniques which have a wide application in experimental science. The theoretical concepts and relationships introduced in the lecture part of the course is described in the laboratories . There are highly qualified and dedicated faculty members with specialization in various disciplines of Physics.

Department of Chemistry

It affords a vital formation in Applied Chemistry, which serves as a beacon in streams of Engineering, Science and Technology. The department has been endowed with an onus of imparting a strong foundation in the fields of Organic and Physical Chemistry for all the Engineering grandaunts. The Department has been bestowed with 3 state of art laboratories with sophisticated instruments, which assist the wards to do get the practical exposure with the subjects, having been theoretically taught in the classes. The members of faculty of the department have actively participated and presented papers in various national and international conferences, workshop, seminar and FDPs . Various guest lectures and industrial visits have been offered to the students to get the pragmatic knowledge during the course of study.